Gree Hansol - Hi Wall Inverter Air Conditioner (Heat Pump)


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Feature-rich with advanced components, the Hansol is our highest-efficiency model, specially designed to save energy and protect the environment. Through our commitment to smart ecological design, the Hansol's unrivaled technology packs an energy-efficient punch that is guaranteed to resonate well in any atmosphere. This sleek heating and cooling device is a ductless wall mount air conditioning system, equipped with the latest G10 inverter technology and an intelligent energy saving function – engineered to reduce up to 65% of your energy consumption. Minimal and contemporary in appearance, the Hansol easily blends in with its surroundings and utilises a highly intuitive wireless remote control that aids in regulating room temperature with in-built I FEEL automation. Our state-of-the-art photocatalytic filter and X-fan improves air quality by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, while dually inhibiting mildew growth on its coil. Advanced efficiency with refreshing ease, the Hansol sustains long-term savings for you and the environment.

Gree Hansol is no longer available in Australia and New Zealand 

Advance Features

  • Highest efficiency G10 Inverter Technology with lower power consumption, ultra-low frequency operation, low noise and precise temperature control.
  • Advanced Airflow Operation with 4-way airflow/swing; extended airflow (9K and 12K sizes); waterfall heating airflow distribution; 7 fan speeds from Turbo to Mute; Ultra quiet operation – down to 23 dB(A) Sound Pressure in Low fan speed (9K and 12K sizes).
  • Easy Comfort Control Operation with I-FEEL standard function, Three Comfortable Sleep Modes and Energy Saving Function.
  • Blue Fin Condenser Coil protects against the corrosive effects of outside air, extending the operating life of your system.
  • Photocatalytic Filter improves indoor air quality by effectively eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, reducing contaminants and oxidizing odors.
  • Intelligent Defrost reduces energy loss and defrost time by only defrosting when needed.

Additional Features

Low Ambient Cooling to 5˚F - Optional Wired thermostat - Low voltage start-up - Intelligent Pre-heating - X-fan function for Auto Clean - Dry Anti-mildew design - LED display - Automatic Operation - Self-diagnosis - Memory Function - 24-hour Timer - Control lock - Fan Delay function.

Gree Hansol

Gree Hansol Brochure

Hansol GWH09 12k Dreds Installation

Hansol GWH09 12k Installation

Hansol GWH18 24 28k Dreds Installation

Hansol GWH18 24 28k Installation

Hansol GWH09 12k Dreds Maintenance and Faults

Hansol GWH09 12k Maintenance and Faults

Hansol GWH18 24 28k Dreds Maintenance and Faults

Hansol GWH18 24 28k Maintenance and Faults

Hansol GWH09 12k Dreds Technical Specification

Hansol GWH09 12k Technical Specifications

Hansol GWH18 24 28k Technical Specification

Hansol GWH18 24 28k Dreds Technical Specifications

Hansol GWH09 12k Owners Manual

Hansol GWH18 24 28k Owners Manual

Hansol Ind Dreds Owners Manual

Hansol Out Dreds Owners Manual

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