Gree - Hot Water Heat Pump - Ultra


The Gree Ultra series Hot Water Heat Pump has been developed based on the Reverse Carnot Cycle. Driven by a small amount of electrical power, with refrigerant as the thermal transfer medium, the system continuously absorbs low grade heat from the surrounding ambient air, and transforms this into usable high grade heat, which is then transferred to the water via a high efficiency heat exchanger to ensure reliable, stable domestic hot water supply.


  • Fully self contained unit! Includes pump and heat exchanger just connect power and water pipes
  • Save more than 70% on your hot water bills
  • Perfect for potable and underfloor heating
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your Hot Water Heat Pump is covered by a comprehensive parts and labour warranty for 5 years
  • Single phase units for easy domestic installation without needing to change the power supply

Gree Hot Water Heating Systems Ultra

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