St John of God Health Care were looking for a cost effective heating system for their underfloor and potable hot water systems. With a usage requirement exceeding 1000 litres a day from their two 800 litre storage tanks, they knew a sizeable robust system was required. After reviewing a number of suppliers Deta Consulting turned to the team at Gree. With Gree’s Ultra Hot Water Heat Pump they were able to meet all parts of the specification.
During initial commissioning Gree has proven its performance capabilities by heating 2 x 800 litre hot water cylinders from 21°C to 57°C in approximately 45 minutes. With this outstanding result,
St John of God Health Care will see savings of 70% and $30,000 per year in power consumption, so can be certain they have chosen the best system for their hotwater heating needs.
Gree Ultra Series Heat Pump range is capable of supplying a maximum 70°C water temperature output and comes in 30, 40 and 60kW outputs for direct heating and 26, 36 and 53kW for circulating heating systems. The Ultra Series will continue to provide heating down to -26°C ambient temperatures with a COP of up to 4.08.
All systems are MODBUS capable, if required.

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St John of God Health Care

Christchurch, New Zealand